Funabarakan (Izu, Shizuoka): A retro ryokan with great onsen and special hot spring therapy

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In the previous blog entry, I wrote about wasabi nabe, a specialty hot pot dish at Funabarakan, a traditional ryokan (Japanese-style inn) in central Izu Peninsula, eastern Shizuoka Prefecture.

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But, this ryokan has a lot more to offer than just that. Walking in from the entrance, you’d feel its retroness right away.

Funabarakan entrance

Taking in the nostalgic atmosphere

Once I stepped into the lobby, I realized that the ryokan is utilizing wood to a large extent. This, of course, gave the place a cozy and warm feeling.

Lobby at Funabarakan

A lot of the furniture and decorations were made out of wood too, and you could tell that most of them have quite a long history.

My favorite was this: a book stand that’s shaped like a boar!

A book stand shaped like a boar

The reason why a boar is used as a motif is because wild boar meat is a local delicacy in this area, Izu Amagi. If you’re interested, you could try a nabe dish featuring wild boar meat here at Funabarakan (depending on the season).

Look around, and you’ll find lots of cute little ornaments everywhere!

Ornaments displayed at Funabarakan

Ornaments displayed at Funabarakan

Facing the lobby from the entrance, to the left, you’ll find a comfy cafe space.

Cafe space at Funabarakan

Come in and enjoy a cup of coffee…while listening to music from an old record player sitting in the corner. It’s apparently about a hundred years old but still can play music just fine!

Old record player at cafe place