“STROLL” is a bilingual web magazine created by a freelance web director and Japanese-English translator/writer duo who loves to walk and wander — just like cats.

In this web magazine, we will be sharing information on what we did, saw, ate, etc. during our stroll in and around Tokyo as well as our journeys to various places across Japan.

"STROLL" is created and run by...

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Cazuki Hoshina

Freelance web director, who's in charge of building "STROLL". Loves taking photos and savoring something delicious. Current passion: chilling at home, eating Häagen-Dazs ice cream with Aya, his significant other/best friend/partner in crime.
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Aya Satoh Hoshina

Japanese-English translator, writer and blogger. Lived 11 years in the States, 5 years in Thailand. Loves to eat, walk and take photos. Addicted to bread, baked goods, and of course chocolate. Current passion: sharing something yummy (especially sweets) with Cazuki, her significant other/best friend/partner in crime.