Kamogawa Sea World: Meet the dolphins, killer whales, sea lions and lots of other sea animals!

  Aya Satoh Hoshina
 8 min read

So many sea animals to see/meet!

Kamogawa Sea World is divided into many areas, with each section usually containing one type of sea animal. So, it’s fun just to walk around the park and see/take photos of many marine creatures.

My favorite of all time: Spotted seals

Spotted seal

I just love their cute little eyes and furry looks!

Spotted seal

Gigantic Steller sea lions

Steller sea lion

They just seemed so comfortable basking in the sun.

Steller sea lion

And looked so sleepy too.

Humboldt penguins lounging around

Humboldt penguins

I love penguins too, and I’m especially attracted to Humboldts. I think it’s because of their red/black/white color and unique, arch-like pattern on their stomach.

Humboldt penguin

Everyone’s favorite: Dolphins!


Here at Kamogawa Sea World, you can see these cute and intelligent sea mammals doing some amazing stuff during performances.

Dolphins during performance

These dolphin shows are usually held several times each day, so be sure to check the schedule beforehand!

[blogcard link=”http://www.kamogawa-seaworld.jp/english/aquarium/program/index.html”]

Comical shows put on by sea lions

Sea lion during performance

You’ll get to see sea lions perform at Kamogawa Sea World too. They don’t do serious jumping tricks or anything, though.

Instead, these playful creatures listen to their trainers and act out what they’re saying/talking!

Sea lion during performance

Doesn’t he/she seriously look like he/she is crying?! Such good actors and actresses!