Tateyama Nakamuraya

Tateyama Nakamuraya, widely known as “Nakapan”, is a bakery located close to Tateyama Station. The bakery has been using the same baking technique as when it was founded in 1919, preserving its traditional taste.

The founder was originally an employee at a famous bakery in Tokyo called Nakamuraya. He initially opened Tateyama Nakamuraya only in summer to cater to the regular customers who visit Tateyama — which was popular back then as a summer retreat — from Tokyo.

The bakery, now popular with locals and tourists alike, sells many kinds of bread every day, including “cream pan” (sweet soft bread filled with custard cream), “an pan” (sweet bread filled with “anko”, or sweet bean paste), “budou pan” (bread filled with raisins), etc.

For those with a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try out their baked goods as well as the famous mocha soft-serve ice cream!