Rooftop Bar at Andaz Tokyo: Signature cocktails and a gorgeous view of Tokyo skyline

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I don’t really have a high tolerance for alcohol — in fact, one of my friends once pointed out I can’t drink, period. But, I do like the atmosphere of the bar — especially the ones with the spectacular night view. Makes me want to grab my camera and go.

Window side seat at Rooftop Bar, Andaz Tokyo

I had dinner at Andaz Tokyo, a hotel in Toranomon Hills in Minato ward, Tokyo. Afterward, we went up to Rooftop Bar, located on the 52nd floor.

Sign at the entrance

I’ve been to a couple of high rise rooftop bars when I was living in Bangkok, Thailand, but this was my first time here in Tokyo. I was excited to say the least!

Once you reach the 52nd floor, there’s a rather long, chic hallway leading to the bar.

Hallway to Rooftop Bar

I believe this is a bench…? Shaped like a dinosaur skeleton.

Bench along the hallway

Inside the bar was quite spacious, with a high ceiling. Things that are artificial and inorganic co-exist with old-fashioned stuff, as a result creating a strangely warm atmosphere.

Inside Rooftop Bar

My sister had made a reservation, so we had a luxury of sitting right beside the window. The sofa and table were simple and homey, making me feel like I’m visiting someone’s house.

Window side seat at Rooftop Bar, Andaz Tokyo

The sofa has a high back, so you’ll feel secluded and secure. You don’t really hear other people’s voices or sounds. We could smell cigar smoke, however — but we soon got used to it.

Inside Rooftop Bar

A perfect view of Tokyo skyline was spread before us. We could also see the Tokyo SkyTree tower toward the left.

Tokyo night view

I ordered a cocktail called Kiyohime Amazake (1,850 yen), with Grey Goose Poire, matcha powder, “amazake” (sweet fermented rice drink) and yuzu citrus.

"Kiyohime Amazake" cocktail with sweet plum snack

It tasted great, but I soon found it to be a bit too strong for me. The ice didn’t melt — probably because it was perfectly round and big! — so I couldn’t dilute it either. I actually didn’t know until later, but Grey Goose Poire is actually a pear-flavored vodka from France. No wonder I liked the taste — I have a weak spot for vodka-based cocktails!

The drink came with nuts coated with “umeboshi” plums. The waiter casually brought some more when he realized we had eaten most of it. I liked how — unlike lots of chic hotels in Tokyo — the staff here actually smiles and is friendly.

Tokyo night view outside the window

A perfect bar to go to when you want to drink and chat with your special someone. Remember to make a reservation, especially if you’d like to sit by the window and take in the gorgeous night view of Tokyo metropolis.

Elevator hall
Elevator hall
Rooftop Bar, Andaz Tokyo
Address 1-23-4 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6830-7739
Hours 5 p.m. – 1 a.m. (next day)

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*For terrace seats, a seating charge of 2,000 yen + tax will be applied. No seating charge until 20:00.