Nanabatake Road: Handpicking canola flowers in Kamogawa, Chiba

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Shop for edible canola flowers and other farm products

Being surrounded by canola flowers, it’s no surprise if you start to feel like eating some. If that’s the case, visit a small store located near the entrance to the flower field. There, you can buy a pack of edible canola flowers for… just 100 yen!

Edible canola flowers

For people who don’t have time to handpick flowers but want to bring home some, the store sells ones that are ready-to-go, neatly wrapped up in newspapers. Again, it’s 150 yen for ten stalks. You can also find various other kinds of flowers for sale here.

Wrapped up flowers to take home

You’ll have to wait until early February for the handpicking activity to start. Nanabatake Road itself, however, will open on Saturday, January 20, so if you’re dying to get a taste of spring, head down to Kamogawa!

Nanabatake Road
Address 1450 Yokosuka, Kamogawa-shi, Chiba Prefecture (right next to the city office)
Access 15 minutes walk from JR Awakamogawa Station West Exit

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