An unforgettable dinner experience at Kasuien Minami in Tamatsukuri Onsen (Matsue, Shimane)

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Breakfast buffet filled with local specialties

We woke up to a hearty buffet-style breakfast the following morning.

Restaurant serving breakfast

There were lots of local specialties, such as “akaten,” or a deep-fried fish paste seasoned with red pepper.

"Akaten" (left) and various other types of deep-fried fish paste
“Akaten” (left) and various other types of deep-fried fish paste

For those who like fish, there were many varieties to choose from, including dried fish.

Dried fish served at breakfast

A Japanese side dish, such as “Matsumae-ae,” or vegetables, kombu seaweed and other ingredients (such as shiitake mushrooms) marinated with vinegar, is best enjoyed with a bowl of white rice.

"Matsumae-ae," a Japanese side dish

Here at Kasuien Minami, you can enjoy “Nita-mai,” a variety of rice harvested in the local Izumo area. Line up to get a bowl of rice cooked using “okama,” or a traditional Japanese cooking pot.

The local "Nita-mai" rice cooked in "okama"

The restaurant also serves Western breakfast fare, such as cereals, yogurt, fruits and pastries.

Those with a sweet tooth, don’t forget to check out the cake section!

Cakes served at breakfast

The breakfast item I liked the most was scrambled eggs prepared using milk and eggs from local farms. It was soupier than normal scrambled eggs and contained sausages — an arrangement I very much enjoyed.

Scrambled eggs with sausages

Having a wholesome breakfast in a sun-filled restaurant was no doubt a great way to start out the day.

Kasuien Minami at Tamatsukuri Onsen
Address 1218–8 Tamayucho Tamatsukuri, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture
TEL 0852–62–0331

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